Tuesday, May 22, 2012

You sneaky bastards - well played, Morgan Stanley!

Reuters article reports that just prior to Facebook IPO the underwriter on the deal Morgan Stanley delivered some negative news to their major clients by cutting revenue forecast for Facebook. Well played, I have to say! How convenient that their revenue projections were updated just prior to IPO.. If the word would have gotten out earlier the valuation which was labeled to the IPO with the help of Morgan Stanley of course the IPO would have failed miserably and the opening price wouldn't have said 43 USD per share. MS had a comfortable cushion towards 38 level where they began buying the stock. I bet MS has reduced a big portion of the stock they acquired on Friday causing the price go down further.

So the true market value of Facebook remains to be seen after MS has finished playing their games. Since most of the small shareholders have been screwed by these games I say once more, well played, Morgan Stanley! You just poured another drop to the "We-are-the-99%-cup".

Chart forFacebook, Inc. (FB)

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