Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Killer trading system

You think that stock market movements are difficult to predict? Not according to some traders and companies providing trade calls. For example take a look at the following tweet from Twitter tweeted by Trade Manager (@fxtradersystem) Twitter post: "MAs for NZD/USD on m15: A=0.8211,B=0.8211: a possible short entry is expected after 1 d 1 h 30 m". Let me translate: "Moving averages for New Zealand dollar vs US dollar currently have values 0.8211 and 0.8211: a possible short entry is expected after 1 d 1 h 30 m".

Sorry but this is just hilarious! Most active and profitable traders know that it takes a lot of time to find good setups that realize with high probability. The right set of conditions might occur only for a second when the trade needs to be done. And it is not even possible to say (and should it be said at all?) whether these conditions will be fulfilled within the next 5 minutes or not. And in the previous tweet we have a trade call recommending to short NZD in 1 day 1 hour and 30 minutes. That's why I find these "predictions" hilarious. If somebody actually finds any value in these predictions then please let me know!

Instead of taking these calls seriously I would recommend flipping a coin - you would have the same odds of making a successful trade. There's an idea - flipping a coin and announcing trade calls based on the outcome.

By the way, Twitter is full of calls like this, search any of the currencies and you will fiind a similar tweet.

Or maybe I'm the one who's been living in a closet, enlighten me please!

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