Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Europe needs a vision, not just doing something

Imagine a football match without goals and goalkeepers, everybody are just trotting around anxiously. Imagine a ship on the sea without a compass or any other navigation system. Imagine a doctor treating you for symptoms even though you haven't agreed that you want to get better. This is what Europe is doing right now with the eurozone crisis.

In strategic management a vision is defined as the way an organization should look like in the future, what is the state of things. In the same manner we could (and most definitely should!) have a vision for Europe. What is the future of Europe? Do we want an economic union, a political union or even more integrated Europe? If we knew that it would be awfully easy to find a solution for the crisis.

If we wanted tight economic cooperation amongst countries we should let Greece suffer for their own overspending and throw them out of the euro. If we wanted United States of Europe we should introduce bazookas like eurobonds or unlimited supply of liquidity, bond buying and loans from ECB.

A clear vision of Europe is making it so difficult to find a solution to the crisis since everybody has their own vision for Europe. Again - imagine a football match where everybody would have their own rules for the game.. It is not too late yet. Even though the project of Europe should have began with a common understanding of the ultimate goal, it is not too late to agree upon one right now. The markets don't need a bazooka per se, they need a clear understanding of how Europe is going to tackle the crisis.

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